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We’re a registered Non Profit Organisation consisting of a group of local folks dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our community. 

Now that we are getting known, people are calling upon our services more and more, we desperately need help.

We need a Volunteer Manager, an animal lover, compassionate and caring above all. This person should be dedicated on a full time basis and be able to do the following with efficiency and diplomacy:  

Find willing volunteers, build up and manage a database of people to call upon when needed for situations such as when –

  • a dog is knocked over by a car and needing to get to the vet
  • a lost dog needing to be enclosed for a few hours whilst we find it’s owner
  • a dog / cat or any animal in need of assistance or attention
  • a plea for food, blankets, donations or a specific item such as de-worm pills
  • collection of animals to or from the vet or shelter

With regret we are unable to make this a paying position.

Please call Chris on 084 467 5555 or Kirsty on 082 420 4825

Once again we would like to thank the generous individuals that have supported us thus far and welcome ongoing cash or material donations.

Please visit us at the Scarab market or like us on FaceBook

and join our group Sedgefield Animal Matters Group

We now also have this website kindly built and hosted for us by Tracy of WebWarriors 


  • Fundraising
  •  Selling Raffle Tickets
  • Donate prizes for our Raffles
  • Fostering
  • Printing
  • Donations  (Money, food, goods – blankets, dog bowls etc.)
  • Transport of dogs/cats -George or Knysna
  • Selling goods at our Market stand
  • Monitoring kids on jumping castle
  • Marshalling on our dog walks

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