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SAM was formed as a registered NPO in May 2016 (Non-Profit Organisation – no salaries paid nor any government funding, we rely solely on the kindness of people who get to know us). Prior to that there were just a few caring, concerned individuals who tried to help whenever they found or heard of an animal in trouble (starving, abused, no shelter etc. etc.) but as will be the case, it all becomes a little overwhelming when one does not have the resources to get to and resolve every situation.

Hence the formation of SAM when these few people got together and called upon a few more animal lovers to assist with fundraising etc. We spoke with Joan from the Scarab Market who so kindly offered us a space at the Market where we built an enclosure under a tree and that is where you”ll find us every Saturday morning.

It is impossible to only focus on spaying and neutering, which is our main objective without coming upon dogs, puppies, cats and kittens in desperate need of help be it food, shelter, medical attention or a loving forever home so these are the wards we bring along to the market on Saturdays even if it’s just for some love and attention from the kids that have gotten to know our little family.


This is Sam…He was one of our first rescues – Sam was found under a heap of rubbish almost dead, full of fleas, worms.

Sam was one of our first rescues found under a pile of rubbish, the runt of the litter and when we got them all checked out at the vet we did not think he would make it as he was riddled with fleas, worms and rickets and literally on his last legs.

We found homes for mom and pups but our amazing puppy foster mom, Lucille took this little soul in and hand fed him through the night giving him medication and recommended treatment.

He became our Mascot, SAM who today is a very happy, healthy, beautiful boy.


Sam with his best friend Abby, also a rescue

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