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We are a registered Non Profit Organisation, volunteers consisting of a group of Sedgefield locals dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our community.

Our main drive is to reduce pet overpopulation with the assistance of our local vets’ sterilization programs.

By involving and educating the local community, S.A.M. is working to raise awareness of homeless, abused and abandoned animals, promoting respect and compassion for all creatures.

There are many diverse situations we try out best to deal with from lost or abandoned dogs running along the freeway or tied up without food, water and shelter, kittens stuck in car engines, tortoises run over, baby birds fallen from nests but we try to stay focused on our main task of spaying and neutering.

We thank the generous individuals that have supported us thus far and welcome ongoing support in the way of cash or material donations.

#spay #neuter #adopt #love

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